18V, Quad-Channel, High-Speed, High-Voltage Rail-to-Rail Op Amp, Input-Output in a TSSOP-14 Package

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Product Description

Product Features

  • Supply Operation: +/-9V
  • 20MHz -3dB Bandwidth
  • 45V/? Slew Rate
  • Supply Current (per amplifier) 1.6mA
  • Unity-Gain Stable
  • Output Swing within 100mV of Supply Rail
  • Rail-to-Rail Input Capability
  • High Output Drive Capability (50mA)
  • MP5420 Available in TSSOP14


  • GradeCatalog
  • PSRR (dB)85
  • Slew Rate (V/µs)45
  • Iq (µA)6400
  • GBW (MHz)14
  • Voffset (mV)2
  • Vin (max) (V)18
  • Vin (min) (V)3.2